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Nik Nak
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Huh?! by AddMedia Oh! well, hello there folks!

GIR DANCE by Mini-Mo0seGIR DANCE by Mini-Mo0se"KEEP CALM and TURN UP!"GIR DANCE by Mini-Mo0seGIR DANCE by Mini-Mo0se


Favs with comments by KaleidoKittles.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotSelf-Taught Artist by sequelleRight handed stamp by WhiteKimahriFEMALE ARTIST V2 by Queen-Soulia
Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-hauntsdigital-artists stamp by CookiemagiKPhotographer stamp by WhiteKimahriTraditional artist stamp by WhiteKimahriStreetart Stamp by codybishopBro and Dave Stamp by CrystheWaterNinjaI Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerParty Hard Scootaloo Stamp by mariokinzstamp: blue tounge yay by DeathByChopsticksDisney Stamp: Haters Gonna Hate by XxoOjunefoxOoxXstamp :: pierced by octobre-rougeBoobs by MarcusdeblackFriends - BLUE - Stamp by Sonira-StampsGenderBender Stamp by AomiArmsterNot Looking Dance Stamp by saviviBlackWhite Stamp by DervvvI-Heart-Blue-Stamp by lethalNIK-ARTI Heart Green by webgoddessPurple Stamp. by Tsiki10I HATE pink by CrystalRobotGamer Stamp by ClefairyKidi love to COSPLAY by charry-photosBeing normal... by SavannaH09facebook deviantart stamp by sweetooth102Graffiti is Art Stamp by linkhero55Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05Home by SeioraiTomboy Stamp by PaltZuDrugfree Stamp by LiveToCodeI Support Being A Fanboy by MichMaxwellStamp. by ShendificatorI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawRequest III by paramoreSUCKSI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteIt's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008Against Bullying Stamp by starfire-wolfKeep Your Negativity to Yourself by CloudyMcCumulusRudeness by JediSenshiOpen your Mind Stamp by quazoFIRIN MAH LAZER-stamp by ranmagojiraStamp - Art is... by CelesJessaPractice Stamp by Zombie-FaerieTablet Stamp by Digi-fishStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXdA Points 1Up by PsychoNerd


(ahem! alright, let's see) Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] by Jerikuto

Just an adorkable [female] cartoonist (slash realism/sketch artist slash painter slash commissioner slash cosplay designer slash photographer slash craftsman slash sculpter slash writer :juggle: ) studying to be a 2D animator and character designer.

I also go to Otakon in Baltimore, MD :imsmart: by allyalltheway I love cosplay, especially gender-bending :D

Im currently in "study mode" these days, so bear with me n my lagloading by 12jaypee34 ...

Monkey D. Luffy (Thumbs Up) [V1] by Jerikuto*FEEL FREE TO HIT THAT WATCH BUTTON!!!*Monkey D. Luffy (Thumbs Up) [V1] by Jerikuto

"When I first started out, I thought animation was about a lot of moving drawings. It's not about moving drawings, it's about drawings that move people." - Glen Kean (Disney animator) :meditation:

Seizure Bullet by winehausFOLK I ADMIRE!bunneh icon3 by WeirdBunnehClub
Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icontohdaryl:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconchacckco:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconelephantwendigo:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconkyoux:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconthecreatorhd:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconfukari:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconomar-dogan:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconsuicidegirls:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconmischievousmartian:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconpixiecold:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconjollyjack:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconbrightstarofdarkness:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconaj-shep:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconcanadian-rainwater:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icondistortedsmile:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icongenzoman:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconedheloth:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconhenderzon:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconlowenael:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconretehi:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconmajorasmasks:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconm4dnezz:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconsharkieboo:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconlas-t:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconchouette-e:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icongraingnome:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconrobaato:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icondctb:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconspiritofangela:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconbrosa:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icongorrem:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icongriselines:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconcamarasketch:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconyip-lee:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconmikuloctopus:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconjuliantotinotedesco:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icontomiokajiro:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconporxys:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconnataliehijazi:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconjustflyakite:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconandreewallin:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconelmarsden:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconboc0:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icongrimbro:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconartbyweish:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconcreature13:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconerikvonlehmann:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconknknknk:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconjessicayin:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconladre:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconzakosauris:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconsleonghp:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconlt-av:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconvisaga:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconyuruikarameru:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:icondudus-senchou:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconfalvie:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconerraday:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconstrange-fiction:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconrott-rott:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconoomizuao:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconcosprops:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconpenguinfrontier:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconblackenedkrono:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconyufei:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconsunsetfrontierroam:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconmeirii:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconserluxfero:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconhootaloo:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconcanisalbus:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios:iconkalmanhukka:Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios

Seizure Bullet by winehausFOR THE TIME BEING...bunneh icon4 by WeirdBunnehClub
plz? by lsdplzNo Requests by SweetDukeplz? by lsdplzTrades - Friends Only by SweetDukeplz? by lsdplzCommissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeplz? by lsdplz
plz? by lsdplzPoint Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeplz? by lsdplzNo Collaborations by SweetDukeplz? by lsdplzGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeplz? by lsdplz

Seizure Bullet by winehausTHIS IS HOW I ROLL... :iconmnrderpplz: by mnrART:iconlefthumbsupplz:
YouTube user by ChiisanaHoshiEtsy stamp by reavelAsus Stamp +Dark Blue Edition+ by d-shadeWindows stamp by 3enzoPaypal Stamp by artist4comStamp--Sharpie love by PirateQueenErinPen and Ink Stamp by MarinaNeiraFaber-Castell stamp by the4ceprismacolor stamp 2 by blackestrose-13Powered By Canon - Stamp by Habjan..Real Paper Stamp.. by Rabid-WeaselsI Need a Tablet Stamp by Rikku-HoraijiStamp Mouse User by HavickTheLionMicrosoft Paint User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppelAdobe Photoshop CS3 Stamp by angelslain

Seizure Bullet by winehausSOCIAL SCHTUFF ...WHAT? im not that active on social sites! bunneh icon17 by WeirdBunnehClub
Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudiosEtsy:… (under construction)
Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios YouTube:
Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios Adorkable-Tube:…
Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios Pinterest:…
Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios Otakon Forums:…
Bullet Gold by JoshuaVillaniStudios Google+:…
Borderlands Female Psycho  Bandit 1 by Captainhask
(image taken from: :iconcaptainhask:)  (Up Arrowshe's soooooo hawt!Panda Emoji-05 (Drooling) [V1])
Little Worker I NEED to learn how to cast metal, forge steel, and make resin masks! I am tired of skipping around these types of projects because I don't have the expeience or resources needed. my cosplays would be better, my portfolio would be thicker, I could commission more than just wood/foam works and drawings, and I would feel more fulfilled as an artist!:omgomg:

guess imma have to resolve to learn these skills soon OMG! I can't contain my excitement!  hah, I've already broken a few boarders over the past few years, why not a few more, yea?Meta Knight LLLLAAAAAAAA Emote 
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Random Thoughts Are Random O_O

:iconbadassplz::iconbadassplz: RESPECT THE HOST :iconbadassplz::iconbadassplz:

what floats ya boat, homie? (get specific plz?) 

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